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Temporary Staffing

If you have unexpected or urgent hiring needs, a temporary staffing solution might be precisely what you need for short-term and quick-turn employees. We offer seamless recruitment of screened workers, efficiently meeting your needs for any duration with guaranteed reliability.

What is Temporary Staffing?

Temporary, or temp staffing, is a version of contract staffing for businesses needing short-term, immediate coverage. This is an ideal solution for organizations that experience unpredictable fluctuations in workload, require additional support for a time-sensitive project, or need to cover for permanent staff during absences such as vacations, parental leaves, or extended illness.

This process provides businesses of all sizes access to a diverse range of candidates, from entry-level to experienced specialists, without the added time and effort associated with internal recruiting. Recruiting agencies play an essential role in this hiring process by connecting companies with skilled professionals open to short-term opportunities. The agencies maintain a large pool of on-demand talent across various industries, enabling them to match suitable candidates with the appropriate roles. 

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing offers numerous advantages for businesses looking to optimize their workforce and streamline the hiring process. By partnering with an experienced staffing agency, your organization is set up for hiring success.

  • Quickly hire the staff you need: Working with a staffing agency allows you to quickly fill open positions, ensuring that your projects stay on track and deadlines are met. You gain access to their network of pre-screened candidates, ensuring a swift and efficient recruiting process. This can be especially valuable when you need to bring in additional staff to meet an unexpected increase in demand or cover for a key team member on short notice.
  • It’s a cost-effective solution: Hiring temporary staff can be a cost-effective solution for businesses, as it helps you avoid some long-term expenses associated with permanent hires. With temporary hires, you’re not responsible for providing expensive benefits such as paid time off, significantly reducing overhead costs. Additionally, temp staff are typically paid hourly, allowing you to manage your labor costs effectively.
  • Efficiently solve workforce challenges: Managing workforce fluctuations can be challenging for any organization. When dealing with seasonal changes, unexpected absences, or a sudden surge in workload, the right solution will help you maintain your operational efficiency. Temporary staffing provides a flexible solution that enables you to scale your team up or down as needed, ensuring you always have the correct staff to meet your business demands.
  • Save time and effort for your HR team: The hiring process can be labor and resource intensive, particularly for busy HR departments juggling multiple responsibilities. By working with a staffing agency, you can lessen the burden on your HR team while the agency handles time-consuming tasks like candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing. This frees them to focus on other core responsibilities, such as employee engagement and retention, ultimately contributing to a more productive and satisfied workforce.

Additional Recruiting Considerations

While temporary staffing offers a wide range of benefits, it’s essential to consider all factors before committing to this hiring strategy. This may only be a good fit for some organizational roles. Certain positions require a long-term commitment or specialized skills better suited for direct hire services, ensuring continuity and stability within your team.

Partnering with a reputable staffing agency is crucial to the success of your hiring efforts.  It’s essential to carefully evaluate your options and select a partner that understands your industry, has a proven track record, and shares your commitment to finding the right fit. By choosing carefully, you can have confidence in the quality of the candidates you receive and enjoy a smooth and efficient hiring process tailored to your needs.

See how our recruiting process delivers the perfect candidate for your team.

Advantages of Working With 4 Corner Resources

Years of staffing experience

With nearly two decades of experience, we have the expertise you need. Our seasoned recruiters have developed a deep understanding of the evolving workforce landscape, enabling us to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver top-notch talent to our clients.

Custom solutions and a nimble approach

We understand that every organization is unique, so we offer customized staffing solutions tailored to your needs. Our dedicated team operates without the constraints of larger companies tied down by red tape, allowing us to be more agile and responsive to your requirements.

Experts in a wide array of industries

Our expertise spans various industries, ensuring we can connect you with top talent in your sector. From IT and healthcare to finance and marketing, our recruiters understand the skills and qualifications necessary for success in various fields. With us, you’re leveraging our extensive network to find the best candidates for your staffing needs.

Seamless hiring experience

We don’t just recruit candidates; we also work closely with you to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Our team acts as an extension of your hiring team, providing ongoing support and guidance throughout the transition from candidate to contractor. This seamless integration ensures that your new temporary staff is ready to contribute to your organization from day one.

Our account manager provides the best customer service. She finds qualified candidates and is extremely good at finding staff that works well with my team.

Anna G, Project Manager


How long do temporary assignments typically last?

The duration of these assignments can vary greatly, from a few days to several weeks or even months, depending on the needs of the employer and the nature of the project or role.

Do temporary employees receive benefits?

Benefits for these employees depend on the staffing agency and the specific assignment. In many cases, temporary staff receive different benefits than permanent employees, such as 401K or paid time off.

Can temporary positions lead to permanent employment?

Yes, these positions may become permanent, depending on the employer’s needs and their performance. This is sometimes referred to as a contract-to-hire arrangement.

How does the hiring process work with a staffing agency?

The agency handles candidate sourcing, screening, and interviewing. Once suitable candidates are identified, the employer can review and make a final selection. After a hire is made, the agency will assist with onboarding if needed.

What are the costs associated with hiring temporary staff?

The price of hiring temporary staff typically includes the hourly wage of the employee and related state and federal payroll taxes, plus a markup charged by the staffing agency. Markups will vary by position and duration.  

How can I ensure a quick onboarding process for temporary employees?

A reputable company will facilitate a seamless transition from candidate to contractor. The agency should provide ongoing support and guidance throughout onboarding, ensuring temporary staff are quickly integrated into your organization.

Hiring Temporary Staff Through 4 Corner is Easy

Let us lift the staffing burden off of your shoulders! We secure temporary employees for companies throughout the United States, for a practically limitless variety of short term needs. Whether you’re looking for a single employee or a large temporary team, our recruiters are here to help.

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